Mossel Bay, Rhebok to be specific, holds a very special place in the heart of my family.

057A8369Last Tuesday my brother flew down to CT from DBN and we headed back up the coast towards Mossel Bay to visit family for the week. You might have seen some of that on my Snapchat story if you follow me there.

My mother, her brother-in-law (My uncle, and landlord), her two sisters, and our old dog King all live between 3 houses on the old family property, comprised of 4 plots overlooking the bay.


My brother, Errol, and I had planned to wake up early to surf or shoot sunrises, but you can’t plan the weather unfortunately. There was, however, a little swell that Errol was excited to ride.

I don’t like surfing in Mossel Bay. He does. Too many rocks and more wildlife than i’d like to imagine. Dolphins and seals are nice, sharks are not. Mossel Bay is wild.

On Saturday, he got his wish and we paddled out at Innerpool. I got over the lumpiness and convinced Errol to paddle over to Outerpool, on his own, while I took photos. He didn’t get eaten, there were dolphins, and he got some surf shots. I suppose it was worth it.








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