Zanzibar, No Worries

Van was up for the trip; committed.

Our friend Deepa’s fiancé, Dhiren, was organising a 4 day trip to Zanzibar for her 30th birthday. He’d do all the planning and book for the 8 of us, all we had to do was commit, pay, and rock up for the flight. Having a few things on my mind at the time, including having a ring made and proposing to Van knowing I’d be saving for a wedding soon, meant that the decision would take me months to make, with time running out. Of course I wanted to go. I just wasn’t sure if I had the money to burn on a long weekend, even with the promise of pristine water, good friends and no worries.

But, probably about as late as I could stall, I committed to the trip. All inclusive, staying at My Blue Hotel on Nungwi beach, Zanzibar.

It’s Saturday morning, we’re off.

We land, headed for Nungwi on the Northern tip of the island, a really nice area about an hours drive from the Airport. The Airport itself is a pretty wrecked old warehouse with prefab walls and loads of character. On arrival, the queue seeps out onto the runway and our luggage is being hand carried from a trailer outside and placed in the middle of the floor for everyone to pick out. It’s humid with no guarantee that your bags are going to make it in, but ours are there and we bypass the security check by, well, walking past it. We’re in a taxi and on our way again.

Taxi ride survived, we check in. Beach time.

On Sunday we went on a day trip by boat, snorkelling 2 different reefs, chilling on a sand bank in the middle of nowhere, finished off with a seafood buffet before sailing back to the main island. Not kak.

Monday, we headed into Stone Town to take a walk around the old city and see what the vibe was before heading back to the beach to chill.

Tuesday, home time, but not before enjoying Monday evenings parting sunset:

Zanzibar, no worries.

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