2016 Wavescape Fish Fry

The Wavescape Festival has been running over the past few weeks with a number of events including the Film Festival, Artboard Charity Auction and the Fish Fry. The Fish Fry was centred around a celebrity fish braai, but included food trucks, Jack Black Beer (Being the host venue) and a photo contest.

So, I had entered a few photos into the photo contest in the name of good fun/ just because.

I had some dark moody images in there, but it’s always funny when an image like the one below, which is so far off my personality, takes precedence over what I would expect to be my best work. The image is close up, happy, colourful, and totes not my usual vibe. But, I can see the appeal in a happy-go-lucky, warm hearted kind of vibe, if you must.

On the inside, you usually want to win, but i’d often prefer not to. Part sore loser ( I could have a little cry), massive part social anxiety. I battle to involve myself in social occasions, never mind being the centre of attention. Un/fortunately, having taken 3rd place, with local photo legends Sacha Specker and Morne Laubscher taking 2nd and 1st place respectively, I had to force myself to show face.

Good people, good vibe.

Special thanks to Wavescape, my work crew for the support, and the prize sponsors RVCAFippers and Granadilla!


Yours truly,

The Socially Exhausted.

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