SCARS – We’re All A Little Broken

A collaborative project by Rabia Lawrence and Graham Wiles, SCARS – We’re All A Little Broken, is a photographic initiative documenting a series of individuals and their scars.

Figures displaying their stories on their skin, excruciating memories, worn with pride.

Below you will find a selection of the first images from the series:


Rabia Lawrence

Scars: 7 months old.

Post surgery scar | Fractured scapula & clavicle – Motorcycle accident.


Kelly Lawrence

Scars: 7 years old | 3 months old.

Road Rash | Various locations, mainly hands, knees and side – Motorcycle accident.


Omar Isaacs

Scars: 25 years old.

Burn scars | Second degree burns – Boiling water.


Jnaide Geldenhuys

Scars: 9 years old | 2 years old.

Sharp and blunt force trauma – Car accident | Post surgery scar | Fractured clavicle – Motorcycle accident.


Art Direction: Rabia Lawrence

Photography: Graham Wiles

Gear List: Canon 7D mkII, 70-200mm F2.8 IS mkII, 2 x Elinchrom RX400’s with a Softbox and Beauty Dish.  


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